Management of projects

We have been providing professional project management services to the areas we are involved with in the construction industry since 2007.

We at Scolexia Project Management Company are members and adhere to and are bound by the Project Management Institute (PMI) code of conduct. 
By understanding your own operational and business requirements, and integrating them into the overall project undertaken, we can complete difficult projects on time and to budget.

In order to provide all the services we offer clients within construction management, we have associate agreements from every area of the industry where our associates take on an advisory role.

Scolexia’s site managers and supervisors have maintained a phenomenal safety record and are responsible for instigating procedures that ensure that the required safety and quality of service is achieved.

We believe we can offer all our clients significant benefits from the fact that we specialise in three areas of project management, we deliver successful outcomes for clients in the agricultural, industrial and commercial fields of activity.